Best Podcasts Moms Can Listen to During Long-Haul Travels

Summer vacation is upon us. And if your plans include road trips and travels with your family, I am excited to share this guest post by Eloise Rowley. Although podcasts were initially created in the early 2000s, with the invention of the iPhone, the medium didn’t have the mainstream audience it has now until 2014.… Continue reading Best Podcasts Moms Can Listen to During Long-Haul Travels


I never want to Multitask again.

On a recent Friday, I was on Creative Mornings/RDU's virtual speaker event with Journalist, rock critic, novelist, and 2019 Piedmont Laureate David Menconi. I am CMRDU's staff photographer; a role that has morphed drastically in this last year when all their events moved to the virtual platform (hello screen-shot photography!). On this particular day, before… Continue reading I never want to Multitask again.


My Little Traveling Humans

Looking through our travel pictures is one of my most favorite post-vacation chores! Today, as I review all the hundreds of pictures we took during our most recent Puerto Rico trip, I thought of something important I want to share with you. I often receive comments that applaud our commitment to travel so much with… Continue reading My Little Traveling Humans