My Little Traveling Humans

Looking through our travel pictures is one of my most favorite post-vacation chores! Today, as I review all the hundreds of pictures we took during our most recent Puerto Rico trip, I thought of something important I want to share with you.

Asha and Arjun standing next to the Puerto Rico Mural

I often receive comments that applaud our commitment to travel so much with our three young kids. I also feel that what you see and read here often makes our trips look efortless and easy. After all, if that wasn’t true, why the heck would we keep traveling with our kids so much?

I want you to know that we are just a normal family with normal kids. I wish travel made them immuned to bickering, whining, complaining, and losing it from time-to-time, but of course that isn’t true! ;) Also, in my experience, sleeping-in on vacations is not a concept kids get familiar with no matter how many times you repeat it. ;)

Asha and Arjun in the Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

This Puerto Rico trip was perhaps the first time when Devang and I had to roll our eyes as much as we did at the reactions that our kids’ had to various things. From excessive sibling rivalry, to whining about tired legs, to Ajay’s anger issues, to sleepless nights, to the non-stop “are-we-there-yet?” in the car even when we were surrounded by amazing sceneries, all remind me that kids will be kids. It’s getting trickier as parents to keep them all happy and entertained at the same time on our trips, but it’s a challenge that we are happy to have in our life.

Looking back at our most recent pictures, I am already forgetting that my sweet little Ajay is a horrible horrible sleeper with crazy rage. Or that Arjun does the first thing we ask him not to do. Or that Asha’s obsession with the television is hard to match. But you know, the good moments really do outway the not-so-good ones. And this they prove by repeating stories long after we are back about how something was so much fun, even though if they complained while we were actually doing it. Or by reminding us that we haven’t gone anywhere in a while and that it’s time we plan something.

Pictures speak a thousands words, and even if they don’t tell the full story, I am happy that in the end we remember the good times more than anything else.

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