North Carolina State Fair 2016

I had never been to a state fair before until this year. To many this has been a shocking revelation.  But rest assure, the situation has been rectified as of yesterday when we made our way to what I can describe as the craziest place I have ever been to in a while – The North Carolina State Fair 2016. Continue reading “North Carolina State Fair 2016”


New York City!

Almost 10 years ago when I was living in Washington DC, I discovered that my friend Stacia had never been to New York City.  To me it sounded so strange, like saying – I have never worn pants! The natural thing to do was fix the situation with a weekend trip ASAP. I remember having a blast and feeling like I had made a small difference in the universe.  Continue reading “New York City!”


Sick days…please be gone.

Since we got back from Spain, our little family has been caught up in some kind of sick day rendition of ground hog day. One of us gets sick and then passes it on to the others and round and round it goes. Oh and as if being sick wasn’t enough, a little bit of pink eye was thrown in the mix too.

Arjun and Asha are better humans than me clearly because despite of feeling crappy most of the time and being quarantined from their friends, they have still managed to keep their spirits up.

Now, please enjoy these pictures as I find ways to fumigate my house and put an end to this madness. Godspeed.



Hola Madrid! – el final

Devang and I had our first taste of Spain on our honeymoon to Barcelona in 2010.  To be able to return to this beautiful country again with our two kids was nothing sort of an adventure!

I wanted to share some lingering random pictures and also some tips and final thoughts to help anyone else wanting to make a future trip to Madrid. Continue reading “Hola Madrid! – el final”


Hola Madrid! – Parte dos

Picking up where I left off, here are some more pictures from our trip to Spain.  One of my favorite things about Madrid was that you can aimlessly wander around knowing that within a few minutes you will either end up in a bustling plaza or a beautiful garden.  The hills which drove us crazy on many days, also made for some insanely awesome sunset views.  We also took two day trips – one to Toledo via train; second to Segovia via rented car – both of which ended up being a perfect contrast to the hustle and bustle of Madrid!  Continue reading “Hola Madrid! – Parte dos”


Hola Madrid! – Parte uno

It’s been a week since we got back from our whirlwind vacation to Madrid, Spain and off the bat I have to admit that this was perhaps one of the most exciting yet exhausting vacation our little family has ever taken! When we booked this trip almost 2 months ago we thought the weather would be ideal to roam the city streets .  I pictured Asha and Arjun just running around in the many many gardens and fountains all around Madrid while Devang and I sat on the sidelines drinking our sangria and eating jamón.   Continue reading “Hola Madrid! – Parte uno”

Arjun typing

Mama’s boy grows up.

In the last few months, I  could tell that I was driving Arjun nuts by only listening to NPR and feeding him kale, quinoa and organic cheerios. He also stopped falling for a trip to Costco as “funtimes”.  In the interest of real fun and “donut and pizza Thursdays” Arjun has decided to start full time day care with his sister in September.  I can only wonder who I am going to kiss every 10 seconds and to whom will I share my frustrations as I hear the recent world news. My little peanut is all grown up!   Continue reading “Mama’s boy grows up.”


Life Lately…

Oh my gosh…entirely too much is happening in my life! And it’s all good things! But before I get to it all, can I just get a collective AMEN to the abs of the US Olympics Dive team!! I have never before seen anything more ripped in my life. I mean, oh my god!!! Are those real!?? I am sure if I had looked from the corner of my eyes I would have seen Devang rolling his eyes at my constant commenting on their abs. But I couldn’t afford the corner of my eyes even. Jaw dropping. Go team USA, especially you David Boudia and Steele Johnson.  May be I should take up swimming….