Hola Madrid! – Parte dos

Picking up where I left off, here are some more pictures from our trip to Spain.  One of my favorite things about Madrid was that you can aimlessly wander around knowing that within a few minutes you will either end up in a bustling plaza or a beautiful garden.  The hills which drove us crazy on many days, also made for some insanely awesome sunset views.  We also took two day trips – one to Toledo via train; second to Segovia via rented car – both of which ended up being a perfect contrast to the hustle and bustle of Madrid!  Continue reading “Hola Madrid! – Parte dos”


Hola Madrid! – Parte uno

It’s been a week since we got back from our whirlwind vacation to Madrid, Spain and off the bat I have to admit that this was perhaps one of the most exciting yet exhausting vacation our little family has ever taken! When we booked this trip almost 2 months ago we thought the weather would be ideal to roam the city streets .  I pictured Asha and Arjun just running around in the many many gardens and fountains all around Madrid while Devang and I sat on the sidelines drinking our sangria and eating jamón.   Continue reading “Hola Madrid! – Parte uno”

Arjun typing

Mama’s boy grows up.

In the last few months, I  could tell that I was driving Arjun nuts by only listening to NPR and feeding him kale, quinoa and organic cheerios. He also stopped falling for a trip to Costco as “funtimes”.  In the interest of real fun and “donut and pizza Thursdays” Arjun has decided to start full time day care with his sister in September.  I can only wonder who I am going to kiss every 10 seconds and to whom will I share my frustrations as I hear the recent world news. My little peanut is all grown up!   Continue reading “Mama’s boy grows up.”


Life Lately…

Oh my gosh…entirely too much is happening in my life! And it’s all good things! But before I get to it all, can I just get a collective AMEN to the abs of the US Olympics Dive team!! I have never before seen anything more ripped in my life. I mean, oh my god!!! Are those real!?? I am sure if I had looked from the corner of my eyes I would have seen Devang rolling his eyes at my constant commenting on their abs. But I couldn’t afford the corner of my eyes even. Jaw dropping. Go team USA, especially you David Boudia and Steele Johnson.  May be I should take up swimming….


Bodie Lighthouse. Nags Head Beach, Outer Banks NC

Our trip to the Outer Banks, NC

Despite living in North Carolina for many years on and off, I have never made it to the Outer Banks, until now. Last week my two nephews Eshaan and Aashrai (ages 14 and 10) were visiting with school being out, and we figured what better time to try out our fantasy of having lots of kids than to plan a weekend trip with the whole crew to Nags Head Beach in the OBX. In order to accommodate four kids and two adults, we traded our tiny Prius with my dad’s van and off we went.  Continue reading “Our trip to the Outer Banks, NC”


My New Favorite Activity

Not sure if this further solidifies my weirdness but my new favorite activity these days is weeding the garden! For a self professed plant killer, I am so happy to finally be useful.  There is something incredibly soothing and trance-like about getting those buggers out of the garden AND it is quite a workout.  I never knew this before. Continue reading “My New Favorite Activity”

Devang's birthday cake

A Surprise Birthday Party

I remember a couple of years ago when it was -42 degrees in Chicago during the winter and I decided to go out for a walk just to see what it feels like (I was numb in 60 seconds).  Last weekend was the opposite of that misery here in Raleigh with 100 degree heat and humidity. Still we managed to have a great time outside with a surprise party for Devang. Thanks to all the friends who came out to celebrate and again happy birthday Devang! Life is good and it’s an important reminder especially on days when others aren’t so lucky.   Continue reading “A Surprise Birthday Party”