Hi! I am Chika Gujarathi and after many fun years of working in corporate America, in August 2015 I decided to take the leap and do what I always dreamed of doing … to write and pursue creativity full-time!

These days, I work as a children’s book author & illustrator (Hello Namaste! Board Book Series), freelance writer, and the editor-in-chief of this blog, The Antibland Chronicles.

Photography and storytelling are my passion. This means I have written for national and local magazines on travel and lifestyle topics. I have worked with retail and hospitality companies to review, promote, and market their products. I have made promotional videos for non-profit sites like tourism and museums. I love to collaborator over ideas that excite me.

Please email me at CHIKA@HELLO-NAMASTE.COM for a copy of my Media Kit. You can find more information about my work in my PORTFOLIO.

It was 2008 and I was sitting in a horrendously boring graduate accounting class in Washington D.C., when I decided that if I make it out of there alive I was going to start a blog called “The Antibland” as a self commitment to never ever get myself into anything so dull! Funny enough, I went home that night and kept my word by creating this site. All these years, and three kids later, I still feel just as excited to come to this space and share my thoughts with you.

With this site, and all my work, I hope to create a sense of adventure, fun, and positivity that will make others smile.

Feel free to contact me at CHIKA@HELLO-NAMASTE.COM

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Chika Gujarathi Cover Photo 3
Author's Family Photo with husband and three children