Life Lately: In the Kitchen

Breaking my blogging fast with this realization that I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, which is truly insance because most of it has been spent baking things, and it’s like a million degrees to be turning on the oven, especially around three wiggly kids, and hey, is this the longest run-on sentence you have read all day? Welcome to my world ; )

Baking in general is one of those tasks that takes up a lot of time and results in food that you can’t really eat as a meal (or can you!?). Regardless, we didn’t shy away from cracking them eggs and making a mess. Sharing some pictures below of my little piggies and the goodies they helped me bake.

We baked chocolate chip cookies. One of life’s simple pleasures that isn’t so simple to get right. Personally, I like the thin and chewy, and this recipe from Bon Appetit delivered because it has a lot of that gold stuff – butter and egg yolks. I followed the directions as precisely as I could with three kids trying to help, and they turned out delicious. What I couldn’t understand after the fact however, was why they would ask to spoon 3-tbsp of dough for one cookie. That’s one giant cookie. I had to scale it down for the second batch.

Ajay played with the kitchen scale, two small bowls, a spoon, some dry beans and flour. He basically spooned it from one bowl to another, mixed it, spilled it, tasted it, and had a blast while the rest of us played with actual ingrdients.

Giant cookies
Cookies for people of all sizes.
But of course, the little ones picked the biggest ones.

Next up, a broccoli, tomato, and goat cheese fritata. This was baked symultaneously with the cookies using the leftover egg whites. I let the veggies char nicely in the pan before putting in the eggs and cheese. Served simply with baby spinach dressed with salt, pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice. It was the kind of dinner I could eat every day, except I know that it would only be me eating it. But in what turned out to be an early Christmas miracle, everyone ate the fritata and salad before dunking the giant cookies in their milk cups. Note to self: Always bake fritata with cookies.

Lastly, some peach muffins baked using this recipe from Martha Stewart. Martha knows what she is doing because they were super easy to make and had the kind of peach-punch that I didn’t expect. We added some chocolate chips to make them more fun.

Fresh peach slices and a sprinkle of coconut sugar before popping them in the oven.

Recently, I wrote a piece for Due South Magazine (you can read it here if interested) about how it’s so important to spend time in the kitchen with kids and included some fun recipes and ideas to try together. It’s true that I consciously try to think up ways to get my children to help me in the kitchen, but more often than not, it just happens because they are always around (add a chuckle here).

Thanks for reading along guys. It’s been a fun few weeks and I’ve enjoyed taking some time off to enjoy summer. Hope you are having some relaxing times too. Ending with my favorite picture as of late – Ajay excitedly waiting for some cookies to bake.

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