In the Kitchen: Mango Pops

I am not sure if there is another group of people who are as obsessed with mangoes as me and my fellow Indians. And for good reason because there is little in this world that compares to the taste of a perfectly ripe mango.

(Side note: American supermarkets usually don’t carry mangoes grown in India. For those you need to find an Indian grocery store. And even if you do, the really good varieties disappear pretty much as soon as they are stocked thanks to all the uncles and aunties who stalk the market like hawks just for that reason.)

My mom and mom-in-law both sent us off with mangoes when we visited them last weekend. That combined with how warm it’s starting to get outside, Ajay and I decided to make some mango pops using the recipe in one of our favorite children’s cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen.

The recipe itself is quite simple – 1.5 cups chopped fruit + 1.5 cups yogurt + l/4 cup honey + 1 tablespoon lime juice. We didn’t have any limes at home, so we substituted with lemon juice. We also used regular plain yogurt instead of Greek yogurt because I happen to have a lot of homemade yogurt.

You think I’d be over this by now, but I really love seeing my kids making themselves useful in the kitchen. For this simple recipe, Ajay did all the measuring, pouring, squeezing, and of course, licking! That meant I had my hands free for taking lots of pictures to share with you! : )

So friends go forth and embrace the warming weather and make some pops. Here’s wishing all of you a happy Mango Season!

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