Glen Echo Park, MD

Do you live in the DC Metro area? If so, have you been to Glen Echo Park?

This past summer when we found ourselves in DC, some local friends with kids suggested that we meet at Glen Echo Park to socially distance while we caught up.

According to their website: The Park is home to 13  resident artists & organizations, a nature & aquatic life program for kids, a thriving social dance program, a restored 1921 Dentzel Carousel, two award-winning children’s theaters, a weekend drop-in art program for children, numerous art studios and galleries, and hundreds of classes in visual & performing arts, including ceramics, painting, photography, glass, music, dance, and more. These activities, as well as free summer concerts, festivals, and special events bring thousands of visitors to the Park each year.

Which is absolutely so very cool and all, but what I LOVED is how spooky it is. ha!

Not in a dangerous way of course, but in a could-be-the-set-for-a-Hitchcock-movie way. Especially when you approach the sparsely populated surroundings while the carousel is playing its tune. Am I going to die here today? you find yourself asking. And yet, you can’t stop from entering the Art Deco gates.

Then you see a gaggle of the cutest kids and their caretakers running about in the park having the best of time, and may be it disappoints you a little because now you’ve lost that sense of adventure and thrill. Until you approach the carousel and find out that $6 gets you unlimited rides and then you get super excited and get all your kids an unlimited arm-band. But then you hear that tune for the 3rd time as your kids insist on riding it over and over again and now you want to stick a fork in your brain. Until you realize that you are still better off than the person selling the tickets for the carousel in the booth just 5 feet away who listens to this tune A THOUSAND TIMES in a row. They are still smiling, and then you remember to do the same because you look around and realize how cool the place really is!

Am I the only one who thinks like this?

I must have run and biked past this park a million times during my life in DC, but I never made it in until now! And I am so glad that I finally did.

A few pictures to entice you to this lovely and must see park if you live in the area!

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