Life Lately … Photo Essay

Let me tell you the hardest challenge of being a blogger …

It is really (really) difficult to get back in the swing of things after taking a blogging break. Especially, if like me you blog for the pleasure of it and not to make money.

My moment of internet burn-out seems to be lasting longer than usual this year mostly because of all the negative news and world events that seem to bombard my internet feeds. It is making me overwhelmed and frustrated. The usual silliness that I allow myself to lavishly indulge in on this blog, seems so wrong most of the time.

A few days go by in quiet silence and then I realize (like I am right now) that the fact that I can be silly and funny and plain old vain at times, is a privilege that thousands of people around the world don’t have right now. May be I should exercise it more frequently instead of wallowing in the Universe’s pain, you know.

So here we are. A little photo essay to let you know that things are well and good on the home front. That the kids are keeping it real and growing like weeds and showing me every day that the world is still a beautiful place.

Oh and did I tell you that after spending 39 years of being a no-dog-or-cat-ever person, I saw the movie Beethoven and now I think I want a dog? Still no for cats though.

Love you and hope you are well.

A little vignette from my kitchen.
New Dutch-oven christening with coconut curry.
Asha and Ari in the morning.
Boys, Backyard, and Flowers
Furnishing a home, one chair at a time.
I bought a detachable collar to wear with my Tees and Tops because I am now in a phase of fashion when I don’t like showing my neck.
Wallpaper and Daddy pile-up
Realized that I forgot this coffee cup on the mini-van roof after I arrived at the destination. Jumped out of the car and saw it was still there. I must be a really really good driver!!
Ari and the backyard squirrels.

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