The Art of Lollygagging

One of my favorite words in the English language is lollygagging. Not only does it sound fun and silly but it also makes wasting time sound a little less criminal and offensive.

Yesterday, I had my very first bouts of the Braxton Hicks – which are basically fake contractions to get the body ready for the real deal down the road. It happened suddenly (as they do around this time of the pregnancy) when I was getting dinner ready and called on Devang to take over so that I could lay down for a bit.

And while I was laying, mesmerized by my big bump wiggling around like it was a plot in a scary movie, I couldn’t help but feel like I have been lollygagging this whole time instead of preparing for the impending trip to the labor ward in three-ish short weeks.

I have packed more than half the house up in boxes, but I haven’t packed a hospital bag. The newborn clothes are still sitting with the tags in the box they were mailed in. I haven’t washed the infant seat in which we will be bringing the baby home. A lack of time is not the culprit here in case that’s what you are wondering.

Once the Braxton Hicks did pass in a few minutes, you’d think the first thing I did was to go ahead and start checking off these simple and easy tasks off my list. But no. I did no such thing.

Instead, since all four members of the family had left me alone, I used the time wisely by lollygagging on Youtube watching videos about things that can only be described as strange and fascinating. (In case you have time to waste too I’ll share my top two favorite channels for the time being – Hamimommy and Do it on a Dime).

Then I scrolled down one of my favorite fashion websites called The Sartorialist and took screenshots of how I’d like to dress once my wardrobe options expand to more than 5 things I have been wearing on repeat these past months. Here is a sampling of the screenshots I saved as reference:

Fun right? Not sure where I’ll be going looking so fresh and good in these times, but that hasn’t stopped me from planning.

How are you doing my friends? How has the new year started for you? While I do hope that you are being productive with all your new resolutions, save some time for lollygagging once in a while. It’s good for the soul you know! = )

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