My Calming New Hobby

Have you heard of the idiom idle hands are the devil’s workshop?

As of yesterday, I’d like to update that idiom in my case to – idle hands while watching news on TV are the workshop for super anxiety. I think we can all attest to how difficult it was to unglue from the news after a mob stormed stormed the Capitol in DC. As if listening and seeing the news on my various media feeds and radio shows wasn’t enough all day, I stayed up till 2am watching more of it on CNN.

Even before these events, when I was anxious about our move and renovation and the new baby, I found that the best distraction to calm my nerves was to busy my hands. While I love crafting and painting, I realized that I needed something new that I could do simultaneously while sitting, listening to a podcast or watching a show on TV. Mindless yet productive.

Turns out, embroidery fit the bill perfectly. I don’t know any fancy stiches. Nor do I have any patterns. But I like to sketch freestyle. I used some blank canvas bags I had on hand, and Asha’s stash of embroidery floss for making friendship bracelets, to create cute little storage bags for the kids’ art supplies and knick-knacks. I even made some for me to store make-up and things.

All the supplies you need total under $30 and can be purchased online (I used Amazon Prime; sourced above). If your kids are older and interested in sewing, this is a quick and fun project to engage in together. If your children aren’t old enough to handle needles and precision, you can always have them sketch something for you to embroider – like Arjun did with the dinosaurs.

Best of all, it results in something you can use for a long time to come.

I made all of the pouches while watching TV in bed after the kids were asleep. I highly recommend it. ;)

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