Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. It’s a quiet one for us since we aren’t traveling or seeing family in Charlotte. I don’t even know what our dinner plans are for tonight but I am thrilled with the suspense and have faith in our resourcefulness to cobble together something amazing at the last minute.

My biggest feelings though are of missing my cousin Roshani who passed away of breast cancer at the age of 41 just a few weeks ago. She was the center of our Thanksgiving celebration and without her we all feel a little lost somehow. I also can’t stop thinking about how beautiful my life is. How I am so lucky to be surrounded by the safety, comfort, and love of my family and friends. How I am going to have a little baby in the home again. How my biggest worry right now is whether I’ll find a good living room couch for our new home.

It’s a new feeling to have extreme loss and extreme gratitude co-exist like this. But I suppose the older one gets one learns that the these two emotions are two sides of the same coin.

Whatever your celebration looks like today, I hope you are surrounded by a million reasons to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Feature Picture: Arches National Park. Taken during our trip to Utah about 4 years ago.

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