My Library Haul versus …

My arms almost feel off while carrying our checked-out books from the library yesterday. I am thankful that they are finally letting patrons in with an excellent safety protocol. The kids have certainly missed walking around and picking their own books, which was quite evident from the millions of books they couldn’t resist picking this time.

Two of my picks – A Children’s Bible by Lydia Millet and Black Wave by Kim Ghattas – are both from the NYTimes recent 100 Notable Books list. I am happy that I got my hands on them so quickly.

Creativity: A short and cheerful guide by John Cleese was something I picked on my own because who doesn’t want some advice on creativity from John Cleese. The book is indeed short and cheerful – something you can finish reading in 30-40 minutes. But it delivers everything it promises and more. It’s a great book to put on your holiday gift list for any book lover – creative or not – and especially if you have any John Cleese and Monty Python fans in your life.

Next up, I think I will go for A Children’s Bible which was short listed for the Pulitzer.

And speaking of Monty Phyton, do you remember that one about the Cheese Shop?

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