Retail Therapy

Today, I woke up to a NYT Parenting newsletter in my inbox that is titled All I Want To Do Is Buy Things On The Internet. I laughed out loud because it’s the headline that precisely describes how my former averse-to-buying-things-online self has evolved into literally filling virtual carts with products as a pastime. From clothes, to books, to furniture, to home goods, and everything in between.

I know these are things I don’t need because as a general rule I have established a 24-hour waiting period between filling the cart and making the purchase. 97% of the time, I go back to my choices utterly confused with my selections. 3 pairs of dangly earrings when I don’t even wear earrings? Come on Chika!

My older two have their own computers for school and one of the first things they do on some mornings while still in their jammies is log-in and fill their Amazon cart with all kinds of toys and candies. You’d imagine it would have hundreds of goods costing thousands. But boy, they price shop and are so strategic about the whole thing that I am mostly impressed by their research rather than feeling like my parenting is going down the tubes.

If there was a child version of Price is Right they’d have a really good chance of winning. Also, it seems that like me, the ritual of scanning lists, looking at pictures, reading reviews, adding things to a cart, is enough for them too, even if the goods don’t actually materialize at our doorstep.

Not to pick on Devang, who in general is not the kind of person to give-in to retail therapy, but he too has made some questionable purchases. One of them being a work-out bench which has been used as everything but a workout bench in the last 6-months that we’ve had it. I am not even mad because we’ve been quite inventive with the uses!

For a change today, I am hoping to sneak away to a store called Union Camp Collective and Green Front Furniture here in Raleigh for some in-person retail therapy. I so excited!

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