One Simple Change

I am having a bit of an identity crisis right now friends which is resulting in the worst writer’s block ever. Usually, I can blame a lack of time for not starting or finishing a self-assigned project. But this time around I do have the time – thanks to a pandemic – and yet here I am.

I have had a list of ideas for short stories, children’s stories, novels, illustrations, a craft book, and a million pitches for magazines. But I feel paralyzed and completely unmotivated. So it isn’t that I don’t have ideas – I definitely do! It’s that I am not doing anything to get the ball rolling.

It’s human nature to go through these phases from time to time I realize (especially for those who are in the business of being creative). But still, it’s no fun dealing with self doubt and blocks, however temporary.

sunrise from my window in Washington DC
Not the actual sunrise from this morning. This one is from my apartment circa 2009 when I lived in DC Metro.

This morning, while watching the sun rise from my bed, I thought that may be the problem is that I have lost the consistency to sit down and just write without feeling the pressure and judgements of an editor.

This blog used to be my happy place for writing.

If you look back at the achieves from years past, you’ll notice a lot of happy jibber jabber about my daily trials and tribulations. Completely useless but full of entertaining (and now mostly cringe-worthy but funny) self-righteousness. I miss those days of just logging in and typing whatever the hell was on my mind.

A cup of Cappuccino in Jardim do Torel during our travels in Lisbon.

Over the years, I have traded that freedom for producing content that is pretty and helpful and entertaining to others. Which is fun too you know, but it has killed my writer’s soul a little to lose this space completely to that pursuit.

So I have decided to bring back the daily jibber jabber.

Roses in Dining Room
Roses – from a long ago time in our dining room.

I am making one simple change – to wake up each morning and type a few sentences here before I get too busy with my day. I want to bring back that habit of sitting, and clicking the keys, and making myself re-believe that I can be honest and funny when I write even when no one will read it.

And look at that, I already feel better! = )

Are you itching for a small change too? What would it be?

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