TV in the bedroom

Are you for or against having a TV in your bedroom?

I had a 21-inch box-TV in my teenage-bedroom in my parents’ home which followed me to all my apartments until I gave it away before moving to Chicago as a newlywed.

I thoroughly enjoyed all those years of laying in bed at the end of the day and watching reruns of crime dramas or PBS (I don’t even think we had cable). So how is it that somewhere along the line (after getting married) I developed this notion that a TV in a bedroom is bad? I suspect it was because Devang is a huge fan of sports and I am not. Or because I thought it would interfere with my reading and quality relaxing time.

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About a month ago in our current temporary home where we only have one TV in the family room, we came across a good deal on a second TV, which we knew we would need in the new configuration once we move back to our permanent home. So we bought it. I fully expected it to sit in the box till we moved.

But Devang set it up in our bedroom, and boy, has life changed.

We have done movie nights with kids cuddled in our bed (which is so much more fun than when in the family room). Devang and I have watched travel shows and movies without the kids at the end of the day. And yes, there have been a few sports on too, not that I mind anymore.

So does this mean we need to get a third TV for our new bedroom in our permanent home?

I am still not sure simply because I have regressed back to the old days of watching TV till late night. It’s fun until the kids come knocking at 6:00am the next morning. Clearly, I am too old for binge-watching TV at night.

Speaking of, my two current favorite shows are Somebody Feed Phil and The Queen’s Gambit. And of course, the current season of The Great British Bake-off. In spite of loving Paris as much as I do, I couldn’t quite stand Emily in Paris after that first episode.

So that’s that folks. I am regressing back to the good old days. Now my only reason for not having a TV in the bedroom is that they are ugly. So so ugly. But then have you seen Samsung’s FRAME? I could live with that. = )

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