NC State Fair

Raise your hand if you too think that once you get a taste of the NC State Fair, it is hard to live without.

This is the time in October when the fair is usually in town, and I am missing the sensory overload of bright lights, fried food, crazy rides, and the crowd, which simply put, have no substitution.

Even though the fair is cancelled for 2020, I was happy to discover that from October 15-25 between the hours of 10:00am and 8:30pm, 22 local fair vendors will be on the grounds making sure that we can get our fair food fix. According to the NC State Fair’s website:

Enter the Fairgrounds at Gate 9 off Trinity Road and park in the midway area. Walk up the hill towards Dorton Arena and you can’t miss our collection of fair food vendors. Grab your favorites and head back home to enjoy your tasty treats! This event is take-out only. There will be no gathering allowed.

You can find a full list of the vendors and their offerings by clicking here. A socially distanced Food-Drive is also something that will continue this year on Thursday, October 22 details of which can be found here. So now we can all do our part!

Leaving you with some of our pictures from last year’s fair …

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