Village of Grindelwald, Switzerland

Of all the places we have traveled to with our children, the one that they keep asking to return to over and over again is Switzerland. It was this time last year, when we were in the midst of our 10-day trip around this scenic country and even though that felt like a long time while planning it, we could have used 10 more.

My phone tells me that today, specifically, we were in the Village of Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland. We walked a narrow precarious bridge wrapped around a cliff, and found ourselves on a mountain top restaurant (called Cliff Walk Bar) with the most stunning views of the Eiger and the Alps. I wish I could be there right now. Just take a look at these pictures …

Cliff Walk Bar

I am linking to all of my Switzerland blog posts below. Between them you’ll find lots of travel tips, destination information, train travel information, lessons learned, and lots and lots of pictures. The cities/regions we visited included: Lucerne, Interlaken, Montreux, Basel, and Zurich.

24-hours in Lucerne, Switzerland

Swiss Alps

Alpenspielplatz at Grindelwald First

Montreux, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

Zoo Basel, Switzerland

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