Empire State of Mind

For the last 6 years, I have spent a weekend of October in New York with some of my best girl friends. When the first such trip was planned, Asha was my only baby. I remember thinking, how will she ever survive the 3 days without me. It was a new-mom-illusion which quickly dissipated as soon as I saw that New York skyline from the plane. Needless to say, I carried no such qualms in subsequent trips, which involved more pregnancies, more babies, and things like carrying a breast pump around town.

New York girls trips 2015

Among all other things I have written off in 2020, this one feels like one of the biggest losses. Spending that uninterrupted time with some of the best ladies in the world did my soul so much good that I am not sure there is a replacement for it! And of course, there is the city itself which is unlike any other. You can visit it a hundred times, and it will still leave you breathless.

I just reread my blog posts about these past trips, and they seem even more fabulous than what I remember (here are the links should you need some reading material on a rainy day: 2016, 2018, 2019). I wasn’t always so meticulous about writing about them here, and now regret the gaps in the years that I missed. Nonetheless, something is better than nothing.

Leaving you with a few pictures and wondering just how will I stop myself from aging this year without NY and my girlfriends in it? Ha!

Do you have similar traditions with your girlfriends, and how has 2020 affected them?





Featured Image: Zach Miles via Unsplash

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