Coworking Diaries: Confetti where it doesn’t belong

It wasn’t even 8-o’clock yet when the boys came up with the idea to bake some muffins. My coffee was brewed but not yet consumed, so I missed the beat in thinking up another compelling activity to divert their attention and energy. 35-minutes later, 12 blueberry muffins cooled on the kitchen counter.

I was finally drinking my lukewarm coffee when I heard my 2-year-old mumbling something with half his body inside the lazy susan.

“What do you need Ajay.”

“Sprinkles. I looking for sprinkles.”

Seeing that his plan included adding sprinkles to our freshly baked blueberry muffins, I quickly interjected to remind him that muffins usually don’t have colorful sprinkles. That he should save them for when we bake cupcakes instead. But few things are more futile than convincing a 2-year-old that something that looks like a cupcake, isn’t. So when he re emerged from the cabinet with a small bottle of sprinkles in hand, I decided that I would show my motherly love that morning by giving in, yet again.

“Okay Ajay. Why don’t you hold on to the bottle and add a few pieces once your muffin is cool?”

He nodded and together we walked to the dining table, where I started working on my computer and he started waiting patiently for his muffin to cool.

It took me 7-minutes to finish what I had to do. At which point I looked up and noticed that the entire bottle of sprinkles was empty.

“What happened Ajay? Did you spill it?”

To which he replied by lifting up his shirt happily and adding, “no, it’s in my belly.”

And thusly, sitting just 36-inches away from my third-born, I had missed what was to be probably the happiest moment of his day today.

Feature Image: DIY Unicorn Cake-Stand

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