DIY Unicorn Cake Stand

Is one of your life’s persistent questions, how do I make to make a Unicorn Cake Stand?

Then you and I are going to be great friends! ;)

Recently, I went to target knowing I needed one thing and one thing only, until I took a wrong turn into the fabulous aisle of home and kitchen goods, and basically wrote off the rest of my afternoon. It was fun, I won’t lie! Wandering around Target without kids is actually pretty relaxing, don’t you think?

Supplies to make Unicorn Cake Stand

Then I came upon a row of plastic utensils that were marked as BPA-free, microwavable, and dishwasher safe, by the Room Essentials brand. Have you seen them? The color section was amazing, probably because of the Easter holiday. I fell for the duck-egg blue pretty badly.

That color instantly inspired me to make a cake stand embellished with some mini unicorns in honor of my newly minted 6-year-old! I used a plate, a cup, and a pack of mini unicorn erasers from the birthday-favors-aisle. Then the glue-gun did all the hard work. It took 3-minutes from start to finish (2-minutes of which was waiting for the glue gun to warm-up).

We used it to celebrate Asha’s birthday with her Girl Scouts troop and it looked like a million bucks (actual cost is less than $3)! I will warn you though, that the unicorns instantly got pulled off because, let’s be honest, they are so darn cute! But the cake-stand still stands! I plan to use it until (or if) the super glue gives, and then I can just use the plate and cup as originally intended.

So add a little cheer in your life, and don’t go a day without a Unicorn Cake Stand in your home! I am happy to lend you my glue-gun! ;)

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