Three ways to wear a scarf everyday

Can we take a moment and talk about the magic of le scarf please?

I am not very good with fashion accessories. Jewelry, belts, purses, and whatever else qualifies as an accessory, makes me feel very fidgety and uncomfortable. They all feel like things I did for the sake of other people, rather than myself.

Oh, but hand me a scarf and I am a happy clam. I have truly honed in on my scarf wearing skills in this last year. So much so that now I basically wear a scarf daily in all seasons, in all situations. There might or not might not be a joke around here that the first thing I do when I open my eyes in the morning is tie my scarf. ; )

I have a combination of silk, cotton, and synthetic scarves. I like the silk ones the best because they scrunch up really well into whatever shape and size you need. And because I wear them so frequently, I think it is important I am able to wash them at home in my washing machine, which I do even with the silk ones. My favorite place to get silk scarves without breaking the bank is at Ann Taylor.

Today, I want to share three of my favorite ways to wear a scarf

1. Around my neck with the bow or tie in the back.

2. As a headband, sometimes with ties on top rather than hidden under the hair.

3. Tied under the collar of my shirt.

4. As a bonus, here’s the way to wear it when vacationing on an island or may be even riding a convertible. ; )

So tell me, are you a scarf person?

[Also, scarf in French is le ├ęcharpe, not le scarf like I said above. Just making sure I don’t lose sleep over teaching you bad French. Au revoir!]

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