Life in the Times of Coronavirus: Days 3-4-5

I haven’t felt a moment of desperation yet in these three days, mainly because Devang has been around to help a ton, and because the weather has allowed us to spend a lot of time in our backyard.

Spotted during my run on Monday

I am however, finding plenty of moments to reflect on myself and it’s mostly not good. I yell too much. I can be very condescending. I have patience with my kids when they do activities I enjoy (even if it makes a huge mess or they ruin things in the process) but not a lot of patience when I truly need to show it. That nothing hurts my ears more than hearing a voice that is whining.

Such a pretty house. The yellow door makes me so happy. Spotted in the neighborhood during my run.

In terms of exercise, I went for a run on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I dug a hole in the backyard (for a compost pit) and felt like I have never worked so hard before. Our yoga mats, free weights, and all else are packed away in the old home. I could go get them. Or maybe I just need to find new ways to exercise. With the kids around.

Yard decorations spotted during my run.

Food has not been an issue. We get fresh fruits and vegetables every 2 or 3 days depending on our consumption. I have lots of dry lentils and beans to cook with. For dinner we ate – Monday: Leftover rice, chicken, and lentil curry. Tuesday: Grill cheese and tomato soup with roasted sweet potatoes. Wednesday: fettuccine with turkey meatballs. I also opened a bottle of port which we have been hoarding since our trip to Portugal in November of 2014.

Homeschooling is going better than expected. Ajay is a menace. Complete menace. He is entertained briefly with playdough, markers, and the outdoors. But mostly he just hits, throws things, whines, and cries to be carried. He will be 3 in June. Which reminds me, Asha is turning 7 on Sunday during the quarantine. = (

Any food on this plate looks so beautiful. Even if they are just roasted sweet potatoes.

I am reading David Sedaris’ Theft by Finding and absolutely loving it. It lists diary entries from his formative years before he was famous. I am in the years which he spent in Raleigh, living in the downtown area. He mentions stores and streets that are part of my neighborhood but only during the 70s and 80s. It’s pretty amazing.

Someone’s mailbox. Spotted on my run.

The format of the book also works during these times when every 2 second someone is dying for my attention. Audible has a audio version narrated by him which I plan to hear after I finish reading, because come on, have you heard Santaland Diaries?

Spotted on my run.
Some mental relief and lots of laughs with my girl friends via Zoom.

Life goes on. We are all learning to be more patient and creative. Hope you are well too.

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