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CRAFTS: Sewing + Chandelier

Hi friends! I think we are all learning a lot about patience and kindness these days, especially for those of you who are managing work and kids at the same time. Last week started with me making a robust, full-day, homeschool scheduling. I soon learned that not only is it exhausting for me, but the novelty of mom teaching you things wears off quicker than anticipated.

I usually have a nice stash of strange crafting items on hand at all times, so I won’t assume everyone has these supplies at home, but if you are ordering things online, it might be worthwhile to add these to your list: Plastic Children’s Sewing Needles, Felt Pieces, Yarn or Butcher Twine. Embroidery Hoop.

The crafting instructions are pretty simple:

  • Cut the felt pieces in different shapes.
  • Show your child how to thread a needle and tie a knot.
  • Mark two dots on each felt piece with a maker as a guidance on where to insert the needle and where to exit it. If it is hard to sew still, fold the felt piece in half and cut two slits where the dots are. This way one can simply push the needle through the openings.
  • Make several strands of 8 to 4 pieces of felt.
  • Once done with all strands, separate the two hoop rings and string one or both ends through the hoop that has the screw.
  • Use yarn to help your child make a hanger.

Sorry that I don’t have step by step pictures. But once you get started, it is very intuitive. We found that it was fun to learn to balance all the sides so that it wasn’t lopsided. They also thought it was fun to use needles and sew.

We picked a fun little spot in our basement to hang it with a 3M hook. It’s such a colorful and cheerful piece to our daily scenery.

If you try this craft with your kids (or without!), please share your pictures by tagging @TheAntibland on Instagram or Facebook.

Sending my best,


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