A Giveaway!

Hi friends! Going crazy yet!? Let me add a little bit of healthy cheer to your day. Announcing a special GIVEAWAY with the help of my wonderful friends at PINHOLE PRESS. Read on …

I joked with a friend that in these last few days it feels like I have said “wash your hands” to my kids more than I have said “I love you”. While good hygiene is important every single day, I believe that the coronavirus pandemic has put a little more emphasis on making sure that our kids really get it!

Which is where the Pinhole Press Healthy Habits Photo Book has been so so helpful. Not only does it includes simple reminders like washing hands, sleeping well, and getting exercise, but it also allows you to customize these reminders with pictures.

I took many fun pictures of Asha and her brothers playing doctor-doctor one afternoon. I uploaded them easily to my Pinhole Press account and viola! The book was done! The script is already in there for you, but it is 100% editable so you can customize based on your children’s liking.

I feel like the Healthy Habits Photo Book has been a wonderful way to add more accountability to their hygiene routine. It’s like they feel more invested in the efforts since their pictures are on the book and because they helped me create it.

Also, it was an awesome project to add to our homeschooling schedule. Not only did they help me create the book, but Asha also hosted a special “Healthy Habits” session as part of our agenda.

As a Drama Camp graduate, she took the job really seriously. And somehow it always sticks more when it isn’t me doing the talking! Why is that? A question for another day, this is. ; )

Thanks to PINHOLE PRESS, I am giving away one free Healthy Habits Photo Book. To enter:

  1. Visit my Instagram account @TheAntibland.
  2. Click Follow if you aren’t already following my account
  3. Leave a comment to tell me how you are staying sane these days.
  4. Optional – Tag a friend to spread the word about the giveaway!

Giveaway closes at midnight on Friday, March 20th. Winner will be announced Saturday morning on March 21st, so you can add a photo-book activity to your weekend plans with the littles.

Good luck and don’t forget to wash your hands! = )

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