Life in the times of Coronavirus: Day 2

Sunday March 15, 2020. Today was a realization that I have gained back my audience for when I use the bathroom. While I was showering, Ajay came and sat on the bathmat and did nothing in particular except stare at me the through the steamed door; as if otherwise I might disappear if he didn’t keep an eye on me.

8:00am Asha stepped out of her room with her lost tooth in hand. Clearly I forgot all about the Tooth Fairy visiting. It’s okay mama, maybe she will come tonight, she said so patiently that it made me want to cry.

With some combination of hitting, whining, annoying, and playing, we made it from breakfast to lunch.

12:30-1:46pm I tried to put Ajay to sleep. At school he lays himself on his mat and passes out for 2.5 hours. When Devang is in charge, it takes about 10-minutes of holding and rocking at most. With me, he cried and yelled the entire time. The more tired and sleepy he got, the louder the screams. Not that I haven’t been through this before. But doing this 7-days a week for a foreseeable future, as opposed to 2, has me concerned. I need a strategy.

3:31pm While playing Harry Potter outside, Ajay got mad and hit Arjun with his enormous stick-wand. Tears followed. No blood though.

4:00ish – 5:30pm The kids watched TV as I made some coffee and stared at the tall trees in my backyard. Then I slowly succumbed to online shopping. I am not a big shopper, but there are a lot of retail temptations online these days as one would imagine. So many fancy dresses and no where to wear them to. The thought made me very sad.

5:45pm I opened a bottle of a 2012 Bordeaux. It was time. Baked Potatoes for dinner with a side of dried apricots and chicken sausage. No one was excited about it. The wine and juice boxes on the other hand were a hit.

7:30pm We watched an episode of The Crystal Maze, a British game show that I LOVED watching as a kid. It’s a great one if you need something fun and British to watch with the kids.

10:00 – 1:30am I made a very ambitious lesson plan for homeschooling three kids tomorrow. I did this as I watched a movie with Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson (I don’t remember the name). Ryan Reynolds is very handsome. I remember thinking the same when he acted in Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place, which I thought was a really good show.

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