Travel Wish-List for 2019

If 2018 proved anything at all to me, it was that our determination to travel and see the world, hasn’t slowed down even after having three kids. There was a brief moment of doubt when Ajay was born, when I thought that may be we do need to take it easy for a while. But of course, a destination beckoned and we packed our bags, and realized that having another human being in out traveling circus just made it more fun.

I also want to show you guys this never-before shared picture of me and Devang. I took it this past November, when we were boarding the plane from Paris back to Raleigh. We had just spent a week, without kids in France, and clearly were showing all signs of how quickly we had adapted to our destination – Devang had tied a scarf around this neck (even though he was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt) and there I was wearing some really bright red lipstick (I didn’t even own any lipstick before that time). In that moment, these two gestures which are really foreign for both of us in our daily life, seemed so normal. This is what travel does. This is why I love it! And this is why I never want to stop.

This year, in an attempt to declutter my brain and stay more organized (and to get your thoughts and opinions as well), I decided on making this Travel Wish-List to help us plan the rest of 2019. It is not inclusive of every trip we plan to take, but significant ones that are a first for our family, or those that require planning ahead.

It is also heavy on road trips around North Carolina and the East Coast in general. I feel that we haven’t taken enough advantage of visiting really beautiful and interesting places that are a short (and long) car ride away. It sure would make packing easy (just stuff our mini van and go), and would be easy on the pocket book.

Alright, enough said, here it goes, in no specific order:

  1. Beach Camping on the North Carolina Coast
  2. Glamping at the Dome in Asheville
  3. A weekend at the Inn at Celebrity Dairy Goat Farm in Siler City, NC
  4. Hike to the Blue Ridge Parkway waterfalls
  5. Road trip from Raleigh, NC to Maine, Portland, via Washington DC, Philly, Boston (this one is a leftover from last year. We canceled because of the crazy snow storm which started the day we were about to leave).
  6. A beach vacation to Villa Pescadores in Tulum, Mexico
  7. Porto to Faro, Portugal.
  8. A trip sans kids to Barcelona, Spain
  9. Try a budget airline (like WOW Air) to explore Northern Europe.
  10. Hawaii
  11. New Orleans

So what do you guys think? I’d love your thoughts especially if you have tried glamping and beach camping because honestly I am more nervous about that then packing all the kids in an 8-hour flight to Hawaii… ha!

What are your travel goals for 2019?

A special shout out to my work buddy from back in the day. Hey Larry! Did you get that passport yet?

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