Postcards – A Love Affair

I love postcards! I don’t think there is a better or more memorable travel gift than a handwritten note, perfectly summarizing the exact moment that made the sender think of you!

My globe trotting friend Carmen just sent me this postcard from Maui wishing me a happy birthday! It has been a while since a postcard graced my mailbox and so I did a little dance in my living room, and then sprinted to my long forgotten Album of Postcards.

It’s filled with postcards I’ve received over the last 20-years from you and you and you! I read all of them over again today, and wanted to cry happy tears. Thanks Carmen for reminding me of my forgotten collection. And to all of you please keep traveling and thinking about me! = )

2 thoughts on “Postcards – A Love Affair

  1. I love this post. You have so many postcards! I’m so jealous. I didn’t know they made postcard albums! This may be a perfect gift for my nieces and nephews because I send them postcards a lot. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Carmen, I don’t exactly know how I acquired this postcard album but I am pretty sure it was a thrift store find (which explains why you haven’t come across one in a regular store). An album to store postcards would make a lovely gift for your nieces and nephews, especially since you travel so so much. BUT if i were to do it again, I would invest in a regular photo album that has clear inserts. That way you can just flip through it and read the backs of the postcards easily too. Also, mine seems to rip a little more each time I take the cards in and out. Also, it doesn’t fit certain sized postcards. But yeah….definitely glad I have this special collection! = ) Thank you for adding to it! = )

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