Happy New Year + Happy Birthday to me!

I don’t know how it is possible to feel younger, stronger, and more capable with each new year, but hey, I’m not the one to question these kinds of things! I celebrated the New Year by turning a year older, and feeling on top of the world. Mr. Gujarathi who had strict instructions to keep it low key, made sure to ignore my advice and gave me the best Frenchie experience possible outside of France. From Yellow Dog, to Coquette, to Royale, to Arezu’s homemade yellow cake with sprinkles, to Asha and I baking a almond cake, to the best smelling flowers, to birthday cards from my kids, to the best friends who called from near and far to make me feel like I deserve nothing less. What did I do to deserve all of you? I continue to ride the high and promise to return here with some new resolutions and travel plans for 2019. Merci and a bientôt!

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