Transfer Co. Food Hall

Yesterday, we spent our evening at the soft opening of Transfer Co. Food Hall in downtown Raleigh. Housed in the historic Carolina Coach and Garage shop on Davie Street, it is a mind-blowing space that at once feels like a perfect mash-up of a huge industrial barn, combined with the warmth and coziness of your grandma’s house! Can you even imagine that?

Coffee and wood-fired bagels with all homemade toppings from Benchwarmer Bagels
Che Empanadas

Even with a mouth-watering line-up of vendors, and the amazing Nick Neptune as the general manager (Recently profiled in Walter Magazine), nothing about this place feels pretentious. In fact, I imagine, all my woes about resisting dinner get-togethers because my house is too small or too messy or because I can’t figure out what to wear (just kidding! not!), are solved by this place. There are ample food options, yes, but also a space that welcomes kids and allows them to be themselves and mingle with their own while the parents do their thing!

For the soft opening, my craft crush KidLab Raleigh was there to provide a crafting dream for the kids. Asha and Arjun basically ran to the craft pit immediately and didn’t reemerge until it was time to leave. Nick Neptune (by the way, with a name this cool, does anyone ever just call him Nick?) did a story-time with the kids and read the classic The Giving Tree

We ran into friends and made new ones. Someone who had sat next to us at one of the Dix outdoor summer concerts over a year ago, remembered us and said hello. She said all the kid tossing by Dev that day, had made an impression on her and instantly recognized us when she saw our kids playing together (hi Kiersten!).

Can’t wait till they officially open in spring! Another reason why I am so proud to call Raleigh my home!

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