An Epiphany

My home office looks something like this – Computer on back kitchen counter. No office chair (where would I put it?). Shipping materials and paperwork in kitchen cabinet. Printer on third floor. Book inventory in second floor bedroom. Supplies for illustrations and product development in master bedroom closet. Yesterday, while running between all the floors and rooms of my vast home office, I slipped and fell.


It’s nothing to worry about really. I am fine, and even had a little chuckle as I sat on the stairs thinking, if I gave myself the advice I give to my kids in this situation (shake it off; you are okay), I would have slapped myself. ; ) It hurt a little you know. A reminder of why I never liked wearing socks in the house!

But as I waited a minute for my butt and body to feel okay, I looked at the fantastic mess right in front of me. I was carrying a box full of newly organized craft supplies, which now lay in a jumble on my carpeted floor (hello million pieces of rainbow gems). Why was I rushing? I couldn’t recall.

So I just shoved everything back in the box; shook my head and laughed while doing it; and told myself that it’s time to put a stop at being so frantic all the time. Even when doing things that I love, I have this uncontrollable need to be fast and to be done!

Anytime I am in need of some extra inspiration, I go back to the really old entries on this blog. Like when I used to bake a lot of bread at home (which required hours of proofing and baking), or when I used to go on long bike rides and hikes just because. Or when I could read more than 10 pages before feeling like I need to get up and be productive.

I know that patience and slowness is also part of me, and I am hoping that it reappears, even in the smallest ways in this new year.

And with that I bid you happy holidays guys. And if anyone is planning to get me any gifts, please consider some grippy socks! ;)

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