Life Lately…

Mom Guilt has been running high in the Gujarathi household as of late as I find new ways to kill some joy in my kids’ life (ex: I am very close to banning Alexa from playing the Trolls soundtrack ever again). I am going to write this off to a few bad nights of sleep and hoping that rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns return back in my disposition as we recharge on our vacation to Portland, OR next week. Thankfully though, fun doesn’t stop for anyone (not even me) and the kids have made sure there isn’t a dull moment in the house in spite of my zombie tendencies. For instance:


Ajay enjoyed his assent up a giant stack of boxes (pictured here) when I turned around for 5-seconds. A new personal PR.

Speaking about the giant stack of boxes, they are hiding 3900 copies of my lovely  Hello Namaste! Hindi books which arrived last week. So please feel free to spread the word (you can buy them on this site, and on Amazon) and help me make sure Ajay does have too many chances at setting new PRs.

Asha starts Kindergarten in few short weeks and I am not sure if a more excited 5-year-old exists on the planet at this moment. She has been going through the box of her class supplies every single day, and yes, I yelled at her once or twice this week for being so excited and touching and moving everything. God help me! I felt so guilty that this morning I bought her a Troll backpack as a surprise. If you know me, than you should know that’s saying a lot.

Asha also perfected her scrambled-egg-making skills this week. I simply pulled out the ingredients and made sure she was safe around the fire. She did everything else from cracking eggs, mixing, seasoning, cooking, and plating. They were super tasty if I say so myself.

2018-08-02 11.32.41 1.jpg2018-08-02 11.32.21 1.jpg

Arjun has decided that getting big doesn’t mean one has to give up old clothes. After declaring every new piece of clothing unworthy, he continues to only wear this tiny clothes.


I haven’t figured out how, but people keep trusting my sleep deprived brain with really interesting projects. I am so thankful, and yes proud too, for some really sweet collaborations (like this one with Pinhole Press) that have allowed me to learn new things, meet new people, and concoct some really cool ideas!

2018-07-29 06.09.56 1.jpg

In a few hours – after I tackle the mound of laundry – I get to commence one of my most favorite things in the world – packing for a family trip! We are heading to Portland, OR (with all three kids) to meet our cousins and their kids! It is going to be insanely cool for sure! If you have any tips, please don’t forget to leave a comment. We also have a 10-hour layover in San Francisco on the way back. It really does feel like squeezing in another tiny vacation inside a vacation. A friend recommended Dolores Park near the Mission District as a great way to spend the day. I am also eyeing the Zoo and Golden Gate Park and of course the Piers. What would you do if you had 10-hours in SF?

You know, life seems so crazy and so cool all at once. I feel so lucky every single day with what and who surrounds me (even though I’d like sleep to surround me a bit more if possible). As John Mayer put it,¬†I’d like to think the best of me Is still hiding Up my sleeve.

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