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Is it wrong to be 36-years-old and still have this intense need to make gifts by hand? While my love to convert cardboard boxes into play things like trains, pets, theater, and spaceship, is well know, I won’t lie that getting crafty for anyone other than my kids, makes me feel a bit silly and unsure of whether the effort and creativity will be perceived as a bit too homey and frugal youknow! (May be I need to just get over it…what do you think?).

I was going through the same emotions, when trying to pick a gift for my sweet little nephew in Chicago who turned three not too long ago. Something homemade-y, something easy to mail, something that isn’t a toy that gets forgotten in hours and adds to the clutter. And then I remembered Pinhole Press, who was more than happy to partner with me in my quest for the perfect gift (10%-off code is included at the end of this post).

I have used them in the past for their personalized memory game as Christmas gifts, and since then they’ve added even more photo gifts that are so much fun and unique, that even the anti-material and minimalist in me couldn’t deny! My latest love is their new ABC book. It is a spiral board book with 26 pages that can be personalized with pictures that correspond to each letter of the alphabet.

I used fun pictures of Asha, Arjun, and Ajay that I know will make their cousin Arun laugh out loud. Things that are relatable and things that also show our daily life in Raleigh which is sometimes hard to share all the way to Chicago. When the book arrived, I showed it to the kids who assumed it was for them. They’ve looked through it a gazillion times.

When I told Arjun it was for their cousin, he hugged the book and asked in his sweetest voice if he could keep it instead.

Then I showed them the little page inside that said it was made especially for Arun, and something about seeing their names as what they called the “authors” made them happy to part with it and share it with their cousin. (Although, they promptly suggested I should consider getting a second copy for them right away).

I have so many plans for the ABC Book format! Instead of the usual photo book, imagine documenting a trip with A-Z about that destination, or even making an A-Z adjective book with words they use to describe a friend, grandparent, or family member they love. Or A-Z of the playgrounds, restaurants, museums, and places, you love in your home city.

Pinhole Press is happy to share a 10% off code ANTIBLAND for any of you who might be interested in making your own ABC book. Please give it a try and let me know how it turned out and how much you love it! Thanks Pinhole Press! And while you are on their website, check out all the other fun things like personalized stickers, scribble pads, puzzles, and yes, photo books too. It’s the perfect way to create something on your own and give a gift that will be used and remembered for a long time!

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