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Growing up in Ahmedabad, India, learning how to read and write in Hindi was something that happened so naturally that I don’t even remember doing it! And like all wonderful things that first get taken for granted, it wasn’t until I had kids did I realize that teaching them a language that billions of people speak around the world, wouldn’t be as easy as I thought.

When I came short in my search for fun and whimsical Hindi books that my kids would reach for naturally, I thought, why not fix the need myself!

Fast forward to many long nights of sketching, illustrating, coloring, learning a new publishing software (with included a lot of crying on my part), copyrighting forms, ISBNs, etc. etc. I am proud to say that I am FINALLY ready to share these books with you. It’s been a labor of love – almost like having a 4th child!

The set of 4 board-books are on sale right now. If you are ordering from overseas, you can still buy using the button above which allows you to pay securely using Paypal or any major credit card. Domestic shipping is $3.00 per order (even if you buy more than 1 set).

I should also have a schedule of local book launch parties and meet-ups in the near future!! Because let’s admit it, I didn’t do this to be bland and boring!

Thank you again for all your support and encouragement! It means the world to me. Now, let’s learn some Hindi!