Savannah, Georgia

We are on a road-trip to Florida to embark on a Disney voyage to the Bahamas in a couple of days. We haven’t told the kids this exact reason yet and are hoping that when we drive up to the big ship, they don’t freak out and run in the other direction (or may be that’s just me, ha!). To break up the driving we have decided to spend a night in Savannah, GA and also in St. Augustine, FL.

Devang and I visited Savannah for the first time when I was very pregnant with Ajay. But I still remember spending all day walking in the city and falling in love with its squares and architecture. The vibe here is somewhere in between that of New Orleans and Charleston I think, including the Spanish Moss hanging off trees and the historic homes that look so freaking beautiful! Interestingly, I can totally picture myself as a student at SCAD in another life.

Yesterday, after having lunch at the Farmer’s Market in Florence, SC (at Julia Belle’s which is a must stop for fried chicken and biscuits among other things) we arrived in Savannah around 4:30pm. With only a few hours to show the kids around, we made the best of it by having an early dinner and then walking to Forsyth Park for some playtime. We had ice cream too before finally making back to the hotel around 8:40pm.

What a perfect few hours in this beautiful city! And since it’s Thursday, I’ll throw back to this one when Ajay was still a bun in the oven (I miss that yellow dress!).

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