St. Augustine, FL

The Spaniards established the city of Saint Augustine on the northeast coast of Florida in the 1500s, and like a magical coincidence, today we embraced this Spanish heritage by taking a rare but always craved family siesta, and eating dinner at 10pm.

I was prepared to meet a very touristy town, but in St. Augustine I found an old world charm still very much alive amongst all the razzle and dazzle that comes with being a famous attraction for tourists around the world.

We left Savannah shortly after breakfast on Thursday morning, and reached St. Augustine around lunch time. After some play at one of the public beaches on Highway A1A, we headed straight to lunch.

Being married to someone who has amazing luck with finding good food spots no matter where we are, we ate at Scratch Kitchen where the food was so good that I took pictures to remember the onion rings and fried garlic.

Like a miracle that needs to repeat itself more often, we all fell asleep for a long nap after checking into our hotel room. We woke up at 5:45pm (!) energized and ready to seize what was left of the day. We took carousel rides, spotted a pod of dolphins (my favorite part of the evening), walked around town, had a couple of margaritas, then some milkshakes, before driving back home to eat the dinner we had previously purchased in anticipation of eating earlier than planned. Sometimes it feels good to break routines, Amiright?

In a couple of hours, we are finally getting to the reason why we planned this road trip to begin with. I can’t wait to see the expressions on our kids’ faces when they see the Disney cruise ship! More magical times are ahead I am sure!

For my sake, can whoever is visiting St. Augustine next please stay here!! Bonus… it’s right above a French bakery. 

Asha performing the “Indian Nutcracker” as Devang and I enjoyed our margaritas.


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