Art Therapy

It’s a beautiful and sunny Friday here in Raleigh. But I made the mistake of turning on the TV earlier and watched a news clip from the Syrian chemical attack. It showed adults and children getting hosed down to wash off the residue, I imagine. I manage to avoid these things since I usually just listen to the radio, but today of course, this clip got me! I can’t imagine what is going in the minds of those children. Inevitably I picture my kids living through one of these nightmares and I can’t breath. I don’t know what to do right now and how to feel. I am thankful for all the security and comforts in my life, and I am also angry that it can’t be the case for those children too in Syria and everywhere else where life isn’t so enchanting and perfect!

I have pulled out my canvas and colors hoping that I can distract myself momentarily and channel some of the emotion in making a picture. Sorry to unload this burden on you. It was sadness that brought me here today and I thank you for reading and listening.

The sunshine seems extra special!

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