Afternoon Tea (at home)

For a self professed loner who truly enjoys being and doing things on my own, I have to make a conscious decision to mingle and see other people. Like, putting it on a to-do list for instance. Even if the company is casual and someone I have known forever, it needs reminding myself that it’s time to get together and say hello.Over the last few years, especially after I had kids, I see the value in being around other strong women to share thoughts, share my anxieties and stories, to listening, and best of all, just to laugh. I can’t tell you how many times, the subject matter has been truly heavy stuff, but the company always makes me see the humor and irony in some of my concerns and fears.

Last week, just before the snow hit Raleigh, I invited a couple of friends for tea at home. They are fellow parents at day-care. A conversation about Indian Chai had popped up in a previous conversation and I thought it might be a good idea to brush up on my skills.

But knowing me and my over the top excitement of having company who will use my pretty napkins and teacups, I set a pretty table with a table cloth, flowers, and tea snacks; all ready to go by the time my friends Calixta and Emily arrived. In hindsight, none of those things had anything to do with what great fun it ended up being, but hey, I like to believe that it helped and made it a bit more special on a cold gray afternoon.

In 2017, I want more of these moments. And knowing that pretty things help me facilitate such casual encounters more easily, I instantly called my mom in law to give me all her pretty china that she no longer uses! And yes, I am aware of the British show”Keeping up Appearances”, and yes, I will make sure not to turn into Hyacinth.

afternoon tea at homeafternoon tea at homeafternoon tea at home

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