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Gunky Bath Toys 

Am I the only one who hasn’t been squeezing out the water from each and every bath toy after every use? After seeing some crud coming out of one of them the other day, I decided to give them a thorough cleaning with hot water and bleach.  Well, turns out that bit of crud was just the tip of the iceburg.  It was all truly gross.  I did the best I can but still cfeel there is more black stuff (most likely mold) inside.  These are most likely getting tossed. What a shame because they are so cute and fun!

Day Care vs. Home Care

I just filled out the registration form to continue Asha’s enrollment in the 2016-17 preschool year. I will also find out by the end of April if Arjun too will make it at the same day care center starting in August.  If I was in Chicago there was no doubt in my mind that both my kids would be enrolled at Willow Tree which is the best day care in the world in my opinion! But here, I have been wondering for some time whether day care is the best thing for them. There are several days when I wish Asha was with me as I explore around town with Arjun.  Not to mention there are insane amounts of cool actives that the city of Raleigh offers daily which I think are just as cool as what she does at her preschool.  There is also a half day French school which I think she might enjoy!  I also think that not having school will make us travel more.  It all sounds so good until I have a really hard day when neither of the kids want to listen and I wonder if I will break under pressure doing it full time! I just don’t know; so much to consider.


A Train Trip with the kids 

I didn’t realize until recently while surfing the Amtrak website that they offer private family rooms with beds and bathroom.  Their National Parks’ vacation packages sound so tempting!! Have any of you done this before??

Painting more walls in the house

The blank beige walls are staring me down!! I can’t stand it anymore.  I keep going back and forth between what colors I like.  A part of me wants a colorful house while the sensible part says that it’s best to stick with the whites and grays and use colorful artwork instead! I think to help me out I should go to a paint store, rather than a home improvement store, and speak with one of their experts to find out what will work best in my home.

Thanks for reading this far.  I figured I would lose most of you at “gunky bath toys”. Now for some pictures from life lately…

Asha wearing one of the dresses made with love by one of her aunts.
Feeling the wind in my hair as I take Linus out for a spin. 
It was a perfect week for a bike ride! 
Early morning play time! 
mama trying to eat someone’s belly!
The little free library in downtown Apex
A perfect lunch from a taco truck!

6 thoughts on “Things on my mind…

  1. Beautiful pictures! I think more simple coloured walls with colourful artwork might be better because it would be easier to match furniture, etc without a set bold colour.. also easier to change the artwork when you get sick of it so you can constantly come up with new and exciting designs! :)

  2. My suggestion to you day care or home care- While day care can give them the social skills, i don’t think they will expose them to the amount and range of things you take your kids to. Besides your other altrernatives like french school/part time church schools will fill the social skills need. Do hire good help to come at home and give you a break a couple days a week. someone who may also make some delicious thepla, dhokla, handvo, muthia.. etc may be a bonus…LOL!!!

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