Last Christmas my dad got the kids the Selfie Santa and I rolled my eyes every time one of them pushed the button (which was A LOT) to make him sing, side step, and take a selfie (“with the elfie”).  But after a while, seeing the kids so rhapsodic I decided to take a deep breath and embrace the spirit of happiness. 

I haven’t yet mastered the selfie phenomenon because honestly I feel silly doing it in public and at home my kids don’t sit still for the time it takes to click the button.  That said, here we are…

One thought on “selfies

  1. I always look ridiculous in selfies but I keep taking them anyway…usually when I travel or am trying to capture a funny pic of Stella to send to my nieces and nephews. It is all part of my goal to stop taking myself and life so seriously and be goofy. I love the photos you posted. Keep it up.

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