Happy Friday!

IMG_5164Happy Valentine’s day weekend to you!  Devang and I are kick starting the festivities with our friends Dottie and Greg at the North Carolina Museum of Arts’ Friday evening music series.  They are new to town and I can’t wait to show off some of what Raleigh has to offer.  We are also celebrating our friend Raj‘s birthday and then heading to Charlotte to see the grandparents!

Also, I am currently obsessed with lilies! I started buying them every week recently.  It’s nothing too extravagant you know, just a couple of stems from the grocery store’s 3-for-$12 flower bunches.  But, what a simple way to feel like a million bucks.  They make the entire house smell like vacation!  I am not ever the one to ask people to buy things, but you know, this one I can get behind.  May be you can should make a pit stop before heading home today and get some lilies too.

Hope you have relaxing times planned with your loved ones too. Here is to celebrating all that is lovely in life. Au revoir!




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