Life Lately…

It has become a tradition of sorts that each year for Christmas my gift to Devang is a wall calendar for the coming year.  It started a couple of years ago when I found the most beautiful calendar at Anthropologie and couldn’t resist the urge to buy it knowing very well that we use our smartphones for time keeping. But what better way to justify the purchase than to say that you bought it for someone else ; ).

And even though we aren’t always timely to flip the page, our 2016 cities calendar hangs in our hallway as a constant reminder that there is so much out there to see.  All the signs seem to suggest that this year is going to be travel heavy thanks to our usual wanderlust and a few family weddings.  It is such an awesome feeling to have; like a constant flutter of butterflies in my stomach. Ordinarily this is the time of the year when I complain about only having 4-weeks of vacation from work; can’t say I miss that too much.

And while I can’t get over the anticipation of our time away, I am also spending lots of energy figuring things out in our home.  We moved here in late August of 2015 and in these last six months I have changed things around so many times in every room.  Is it just me or do these things take time? The spaces are slowly speaking to me and I am hoping that I can find the configurations that work best for us without making too many new furniture purchases.  I also need to organize closets because the clutter is slowly driving me bonkers.  Things. So. Many. Things.

After teething for what seems like five months, Arjun finally has a tooth.  Poor guy is still so slobbery and constantly trying to shove everything in sight in his mouth to sooth those gums.  Recently he is literally hanging from cabinet doors trying to pull himself up so that he can put the round knob in his mouth.  He won’t use any of the teething toys though and that’s a complete mystery! I finally tried what worked well with Asha – a good old celery stick! I’m happy to report that he loves it and will chomp and chew on it for quite some time.  He is such a sweetheart in every possible way.  Asha for her part is being the sweetest big sister and a cool kid overall.  I don’t know what I’d do without her constant chatter and singing.

The not so great going ons currently involve my increasing forgetfulness. Twice last week I rushed the kids for story time at the library when there wasn’t one scheduled; I don’t know how many times I misplaced my phone; and worst of all, I had a cart full of groceries at the check out counter when I realized that I left my wallet at home.  It keeps happening.  It’s like pay back for all those times I made fun of my parents for not being able to remember things.  My patient and kind husband would say that it’s my lack of sleep which I can’t always blame on my kids (hello Netflix!).

So that’s my life lately.  Hope you are having a great week too!









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