A Weekday Dinner with Friends.

When we were planning to move to Raleigh, one of the biggest comforts about the area and our decision in favor of it (beside having the grandparents close by) was that our friends Raj and Amisha had made the same decision too and moved here a year ago from Boston.

We all went to UNC together and knew each other before marriages, kids, professions and other such important things came to be.  Just like us, they also have two kids and needless to say we were going to hang out together ALL THE TIME.

Well, one slowly learns that this is much easier said than done.  Weekends somehow always got away from us.  Probably because just like us they too travel and have close family near by, and hey…this thing called life and it’s errands are always never ending. But we put our foot down in this new year and decided to make hanging out a priority.

So yesterday, we all got together for a hump-day dinner and good times at our home.  I don’t work at the moment but it’s still amazing how I don’t have any time to cook.  But thanks to my mom and my mom-in-law who this past weekend were generous enough to cook for me some of their delicious indian food to take with me for this party.  To supplement the bounty, I roasted some asparagus and carrots and made a really good salad.  It  was a feast! I also wanted to make the whole thing special so I added some flowers, candles, and sparkling water and presetting the table.

Asha helped by getting her toys ready for the boys (and in-between snacking on cucumber and radish sandwiches).  Miraculously, we get through dinner with only one tantrum and all in all we were at the table eating together, talking about books and trips, laughing, and having a great time! Our friend Dottie who is pregnant and due ANY DAY was brave and nice enough to join in on the fun.  With four kids it was truly loud and crazy in the house; and so Raj took the opportunity to inform Dottie of the magical times that lay ahead once baby Chrissy makes an appearance (and turns 4).

The kids all stayed up past their bed times. It looked like they had even more fun than we did.  I really wish I had a third hand (or a secretary) to take pictures of all the excitement.  All in all, it was a perfect night except that UNC lost to Duke in college basketball.  One can’t win it all I suppose.

What about you? Do you struggle with getting together with your friends? How do you over come it?






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