Life lately…

Arjun is eight months old today. I am not sure how, but I have managed to be around him all day and not take a bite out of his smooth little thighs or tummy or cheeks. This little person of mine sings, claps, points, crawls, and trys to climb everything.

In this edition of life lately, here is my little Arjuni:
1) Quarantined in a tub so mama can use the bathroom
2) Trying to get away from his sister’s forced hugging
3) Strumming the guitar strings and singing along
4) picking out a book at the library

Happy birthday my dearest. You are perfect!










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Chika Gujarathi is a freelance writer and a mother of three from Raleigh, NC. She writes for national and local publications about lifestyle, travel, books, and of course, motherhood! Her most current project involves illustrating and publishing a children’s Hindi book. When not adventuring with her family in the minivan, you can find her riding the streets of Raleigh on her beloved bike Linus.

2 thoughts on “Life lately…

  1. Happy eight-month birthday to Arjun! Your photos are lovely – and Arjun looks as though he could soon be walking. (One of mine walked/toddled at nine months old.) He certainly keeps you busy.


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