Curiosity and the art of doing nothing in particular!

The best thing about being around little kids is seeing their excitement and curiosity about every single thing! I’ve spent half hour just walking to the end of our short street because Asha keeps finding interesting things along the way.  And Arjun, the little bugger is an alien absorbing all of human kind’s secrets like stairs, plastic bottles, and knobs to name a few of his recent favorites.  Anytime Asha points some obscure little hidden detail while being out, or when she says “mama it is a beautiful day” even when it is crapy rainy weather, I have one of those blessed moments of feeling like we are doing something right as parents.  I wish that they stay curious all their life in this exact way.  That they don’t let time, money, people, and anything else get in the way of stopping, wondering, admiring, and feeling good about the things around them.



One thought on “Curiosity and the art of doing nothing in particular!

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