Happy Birthday to me!

I have been a nomad of sorts in the last few days shuffling between my in-laws and my sister’s home in the Charlotte area. Then last night it wasn’t planned but when the kids fell asleep while we were visiting my parents’ home, I decided to stay put.

Around midnight I heard a lot of hushed footsteps and muffled talking until my two nephews who had also decided to spend the night there, brought in a candle and some candy. It was the absolute sweetest thing!! I fell asleep shortly after.

It is surreal waking up in my old bedroom after such a long time with Asha and Arjun cuddling next to me. It’s like I was in a time warp. After a wonderful breakfast with the family, I headed back to my inlaws where Devang had sent beautiful flowers since he isn’t arriving until later today. I also got an extra special kiss from Arun my newest little nephew.

I told Asha it is mama’s birthday to which she promptly said, ” no no it’s my birthday mama”.

It has already been a lovely day so far. I can’t wait to see Devang and continue the celebrations. Happy birthday to me!




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