First Day Of The New Year

One of the things that I always have on my new year’s resolutions’ list is to try new things that I haven’t tried before. Well today, thanks to my nephews Eshaan and Aashrai, I tried the unicycle (impossible to ride) and the Pogo Stick (I got up to 7 jumps; it was harder than I thought). They insistedย  I try the RipStick and I just had to say no because I knew I would break a bone. To finish off, I played one on one basketball with them as well and scored 2 points. What what!!
I hope you had a great start to the year as well. Did you try something new?

2016-01-01-07.31.55-1.jpg.jpeg 2016-01-01-07.31.54-1.jpg.jpeg 2016-01-01-07.31.53-1.jpg.jpeg 2016-01-01-07.31.57-1.jpg.jpeg 2016-01-01-07.31.58-1.jpg.jpeg 2016-01-01-07.31.59-1.jpg.jpeg 2016-01-01-07.32.00-1.jpg.jpeg 2016-01-01-07.32.02-1.jpg.jpeg


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