Trick or Treat

One of Asha’s favorite books is Madeline’s Rescue by Ludwig Bemelmans.  So for Halloween this year, she was thrilled with the idea of dressing up as Madeline.  I suggested it to her one night when we were reading the book; in all honesty I was a little scared that if asked to pick on her own she would want to be something from the movie Frozen and God knows we have all had enough of that! This was at least a month ago though so up until yesterday I kept waiting for her to change her mind and spring something new on me but it never happened (yay!).  

I painted one of her hats yellow and the rest of the costume just sort of worked out from the things she owned. Her stuffed dog accompanied her as Genevieve (the dog that saves her from drowning in the story).  I drew a small mustache on Arjun and put a beret to make him Monsieur Arjun, the French artiste. I wanted to just eat them both up!!

The trick-or-treating itself was not very successful.  I don’t think Asha got the concept, or if she did she wasn’t very thrilled with the idea of going up to complete strangers and asking for candy.  We went to about three houses and that was the end of that.  We did take a stroll through the neighborhood before going home.  Coincidently we live down the road from the house that gets on TV each year for being completely outrageously scary.  I had seen them preparing for a few days and couldn’t wait to see the final product, which I have to admit delivered completely.  Asha was scared out of her mind and hid behind her hat while chanting “I want to go home”.  For the rest of the night we passed out candy to the kids that came by and watched the movie Madeline as a special treat.

How was your Halloween?

Halloween 2015. Asha as Madeline

Halloween 2015. Asha as Madeline. Arjun the French Artiste







Halloween 2015. Asha as Madeline. Arjun the French Artiste

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