The time traveling pants!

This weekend I unpacked a few cool weather clothes for Asha and noticed a pair of very cute red sweat pants.  Turns out they were from a stash my sister had passed down to me and they originally belonged to my nephew Eshaan who is going to be 14 years old in a couple of months!! FOURTEEN! His brother Aashrai also got good use out of them and he will be 10 next month! I have a feeling that the pants will still be around for Arjun.  Can I just say money well spent!? Coincidently my sister and the kids came by for a visit this weekend and I was able to get a few pictures to show off the pants and that…ah…how I’m aging so fast!!

I am always so conflicted about clothes shopping for my kids.  There is so much cute stuff out there! How do you resist!? I mean, some of it is even Dry Clean Only and costs more than my own clothes.  I guess you can say that for now I am taking full advantage of my kids not caring about what they wear…..which explains the 14 year old pants.

That’s all folks. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Me and my sister Deepal at the playground Asha and Aashrai playing in the playground Asha and Aashrai playing in the playground ahsa aashrai and eshaangrandparents and grandkids

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