Favorite posts on my running days!

A Long time ago, I spent most of my free time running.  During the few years when I lived in DC, I met some really amazing folks who were really into the sport (ranked and such). They let me pretend to be a runner just like them even though I was never good at it.  At best I was a “shuffler”, a term coined by my friend Neel who was always happy to poke fun at my running efforts.  But what I did have was the time and the passion to keep at it.  I ran in all sorts of weather and spend too much money running local races and building a nice collection of race shirts.

Last weekend when we were in Baltimore, our hotel had the perfect view of the Baltimore Marathon start line.  I had to chuckle because never in all the times that I ran was I this close to the start (in fact I was always notoriously late and trying to jump the fence to get in).  It brought back so many fun memories and the adrenaline rush with the anticipation of each mile.  Asha didn’t know what to make of so many people gathered together just to run.  None the less she was happy to ring her blue cow bell and cheer “go runners go”.

Once home, I couldn’t help but look back at my running related blog posts.  Some of them were funny, some embarrassing, and some just plain weird (because I had forgotten how overly passionate I was about it). And for your pleasure, I am sharing some here.  Give it a read if you have time.  It is like meeting a younger me from years ago.  I loved the discovery and happy to be sharing it with you.

Do you have some previous hobbies that once took over your life?

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