Never Forget

I don’t believe any of us will forget exactly where we were and what we were doing on 9/11/2001 when the news hit the media. I was a junior at UNC getting ready for classes, lacing my right shoe to be exact, when the television showed the second plane hitting the tower. I remember pausing and wondering why instead of the news and weather the channel was showing a movie.  So I changed the channel and kept changing it until I realized that the same movie was on every one of them and that it wasn’t a movie at all.

I want to believe that I am living in a better, kinder world since 2001 despite of the radio or TV telling me that a body of a toddler washed up on the shore or that thousands of people are being denied the simple reality of a safe home for their families.

I only have to look at my children to be reminded that life goes on beautifully. That even with so much tragedy, we have so much good in this world and an amazing ability to persevere.

Today more than all other days I feel the most thankful for life and all those around me who make it so joyful. My prayers go out for all those who lost so much in 9/11.

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